best mastectomy and post surgical clothing for women

Best Post Mastectomy Clothing for Women

Whether you have undergone a mastectomy, breast implants, or breast reconstruction you will need to have clothing capable of holding surgical drains to protect from snagging during your recovery process.

Post Surgery clothing is a small niche that many major clothing brands have not ventured into so finding it can be very difficult. Fortunately, we have done the research for you and compiled a list of our favorite pieces for all your different needs.

Mastectomy Loungewear

The most necessary and popular category is recovery loungewear because you will be spending most of your days inside focusing on recovering.

Miena Drain Management Robe by Anaono

The Miena Drain Management Robe is the perfect lounge piece for those recovering from a mastectomy. The thoughtful design enables you to wear the robe during treatment, recovery and beyond. This Drain Management Robe comes with a belt allowing you to easily tie this loose wrap robe. There is also an inner belt with two detachable pouches that can be used for post-mastectomy drain management.

Maia Camisole by Everviolet

With an internal shelf bra and optional, internal drain pockets, it provides light support while allowing drains to remain close to the body. Made with two layers of breathable, sustainable jersey, it is naturally cooling and anti-microbial.

Lounge Shirt With Drain Pockets by Eileen & Eva

This soft and cool lounge shirt has front button closure to accommodate limited range of motion. Discreet drain pockets are sewn into front slit pockets to aid in drain management. This shirt is the perfect add on for any post surgical recovery wardrobe.

Mastectomy Outerwear

For those of you that just can’t wait to get back to your life we have compiled a list of the most stylish and functional mastectomy outerwear on the market today.

Wrap Cardigan w/ Drain Support by Eileen and Eva

Beautiful and soft wrap that is perfect for back to work or out and about. This drain support Cardigan has an easy one-button closure that accommodates limited range of motion. Its discreet collar to cuff snap openings makes it easy for  port or PICC line access. The drain pockets are built into side pockets and can hold up to 2 drains. The wrap’s flowing front accentuates movement to help camouflage the drains in place. A must have for your recovery wear and long after.

Wrap Dress by Anaono

A comfortable and stylish loungewear wrap dress to wear during recovery or to achieve super ultimate relaxation around the house. This wrap dress can be wrapped in both directions, allowing for customization to avoid any sensitive areas, or to switch up the look.

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