white compression bra for women after surgery

Do I Need a Compression Bra After a Mastectomy?

Following a breast cancer diagnosis many women choose to undergo a mastectomy to prevent the spreading of cancer cells. As with most surgeries a mastectomy requires the patient to have an incision that can vary in size depending on the patient’s needs. This also applies to women having a mastectomy with breast reconstruction surgery.

What Do Compression Garments do?

Lets first discuss the benefits of compression garments to understand why it can be useful for women having breast surgery.

Minimize Scarring

Compression garments hold tissue together after a surgical incision so scar tissue can heal effectively with improved stability from compression. Many users of compression also use silicone scar patches so help further limit scarring of incisions.

Reduce Infections

Compression garments reduce risk of infections because of their tight seal around surgical areas. This is something that many mastectomy and other breast surgery patients find useful during recovery.

Reduce Swelling

Another very important aspect of compression is the reduction of fluid build up from surgical sites. This promotes better and faster healing.

Why You Want A Compression Bra After Breast Surgery

When having a mastectomy your body will have possibly large incisions running across your breast area that can be infected and result in large scars if not properly taken care of. Compression helps reduce infections and minimize scars on your breast. We recommend getting a compression bra especially if you are not one to rest and wish to get back to normal activity faster.

Where to Buy Compression Bras

Compression bras can be found on a variety of post surgical websites. The most popular brands such as Amoena can be found on pinkly where you will have a large variety of compression garments including bras, shorts, pants, and the latest technology in silicone healing patches for those that want to avoid scarring.

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