where can i find the best post surgical pocketed bras after mastectomy surgery for breast cancer

The Best Pocketed Bras After a Mastectomy or Lumpectomy Surgery

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After a lumpectomy or mastectomy many women struggle to decide whether to have breast reconstruction or opt for breast forms. One reason is that many women do not know where to shop for breast forms or a new wardrobe of pocketed bras after their surgery. Below we will discuss where to find the best pocketed bras and breast forms.

Where Can I Find Pocketed Bras?

Pocketed bras can be found on pinkly or other mastectomy or post surgical stores for breast cancer survivors. The major brands producing pocketed bras are Anaono, Amoena, and Everviolet. Each of these brands specialize in post mastectomy recovery bras that provide extra support, softness, and pockets for breast forms. 

These post surgical bras are specially made for women undergoing breast cancer treatment and will frequently feature ultra-soft material for those who are also going through radiation therapy. Each brand has its own style and design some are more functional while others are more sexy. The prices range depending on what you want.

How Much Does A Pocketed Bra Cost?

Most pocketed bras are in the $50-65 range depending on the specialty of the bra. 

Ordering a pocketed bra can be done by visiting your favorite brand’s website or by going to a breast cancer specialty store like pinkly that specializes in providing a variety of brands for post surgical bras and other breast cancer necessities. We of course recommend shopping at a variety store so that you will have more variety and higher chances of finding the right pocketed bra at the right price for you.

What Pocketed Bra Should I Get?

Each woman is different and will require different needs from her bra however we have composed a list of some of the favorite pocketed bras on the market today. This is in no particular order.

1. Pocketed Front Closure Bra by Anaono ($57)

best post surgery front closure bras for mastectomy, lumpectomy and breast reconstuction

This bra is an award winning favorite by many. It offers an ideal fit during recovery, post-recovery and beyond thanks to its versatile design and feel. Made with a softer-than-cotton modal material, the bra provides a bit of comfortable compression for support through your recovery from surgery. It also features a front-closure design for easy post-surgery dressing and a wide back bridge for additional support through the back and underarms.

2. Gloria Pocketed Wire Free Bra by Anaono ($57)

gloria sexy lace pocketed bra by anaono perfect for mastectomy, lumpectomy, radiation treatment and breast reconstruction surgery

The Gloria Pocketed Bra is a sexy pocketed bra adored by many. This is a versatile, wire-free bralette you'll wear well beyond your recovery. Made with built-in pockets, the Gloria bra makes it easy to slip in lightweight breast forms or prostheses if you desire a more balanced look. It’s just as comfortable to wear without inserts or post-reconstruction. Simply use the adjustable straps and the four-hook back closure to get the perfect fit.

3. Lara Satin Wire Free Pocketed Bra by Amoena ($63)

satin wire free post surgical bra perfect for mastectomy lumpectomy and breast reconstruction surgery

This comfortable t-shirt bra with satin trim and center bow detail is silky smooth under clothing. The lightly padded cups help to balance any unevenness or asymmetry. The seamless molded pockets are made from a breathable, temperature-balancing microfiber fabric.

Where Can I find Breast Forms?

Simple and affordable breast forms and bra inserts can be found on pinkly’s website and many other breast cancer specialty stores. However there are many types of breast forms depending on your budget and needs. For a more elaborate selection of breast forms we suggest visiting a breast form specialty website.

Thank you for reading our blog! We hope that you found this useful in your search for finding your ideal pocketed bra or in making your decision to undergo breast reconstruction.

For more breast cancer products and mastectomy bras visit pinkly. Check out more helpful blog content related to breast cancer click here.