most popular and essential products for breast cancer mastectomy and reconstruction surgery

Popular Must-Haves for Every Women After Breast Reconstruction Surgery

Many women that have had a mastectomy because of breast cancer undergo breast reconstruction to restore the balance between two breasts. There are many different types of breast reconstruction and the amount of breast reconstruction depends on the size of the mastectomy. 


After deciding whether breast reconstruction is right for you, you may be wondering what you need for the recovery process. The recovery process for a breast reconstruction is about 6-8 weeks before most women return to normal activity levels. During this time there is a lot you will be doing to make sure you are comfortable and healing safely during the recovery process. There are a lot of post surgical products to help women through this recovery process and we will discuss the essentials to help your breast reconstruction recovery process go smoothly.

First let's discuss some of the most common issues women face after breast reconstruction surgery.

Most Common Issues Women face after Breast Reconstruction Surgery:

  • Sleeping - The most common and probably the worst issue of them all is getting a good night's rest. After surgery your arms will be extremely sore and will cause severe discomfort in normal sleeping positions especially for those that normally sleep on their sides or on their stomach.
  • Riding in cars - Because of the nature of mastectomy and breast resoncsruction surgery leaving your upper body sore many women will have discomfort getting in and out of vehicles. Wearing seat-belts can be very discomforting; especially if the driver is heavy on the brakes!! 
  • Dressing - Your limited arm movement will inhibit you from putting on your normal clothing
  • Showering and Bathing - Properly cleaning yourself is a very difficult task with limited movement and the added pressure of not soaking your bandage wraps. We know how terrible it feels to be dirty!!

What Will I Need After Breast Reconstruction Surgery?

1. Post Surgical/Mastectomy Pillows

Post Surgical pillows are shaped to fit your healing body and help position you during sleeping and sitting. A good mastectomy pillow will make your recovery process much more manageable. We recommend at least one heart shaped pillow as a go-to pillow for general use and positioning of your arm. These pillows are the most popular for a reason and many women report them being essential to their recovery process. 

There are many other post surgical pillow variants suited for specific needs such as sleeping, riding in a vehicle, and positioning while resting. Check them out here.

2. Post-Surgical Loungewear

Post surgical loungewear is a must have as you will be spending most of your days indoors recovering. Your limited movement will make putting on your clothing difficult especially if there is nobody to help you. You also run the risk of accidentally snagging your surgical drains which will lead to an immediate hospital visit. 

Post surgical loungewear is specially designed to safely hold surgical drains while being easy to put on with limited movement. We highly recommend a drain management robe for your recovery process. Check out post surgical loungewear here.

3. The Shower Shirt

The Shower Shirt is a MUST have item for those who do not want to get their post surgery bandages soaked while showering. This specially designed shirt is water resistant and tightly sealed so that you can shower after your mastectomy without worry. The Shower Shirt is also pocketed to hold your surgical drains in place to avoid entanglement. Check it out here.

4. Post Surgical Bras

A healthy wardrobe of post surgical bras especially wire free bras is a MUST for every woman going through breast reconstruction. Having extra support, softer material, and deeper arm holes will make a drastic difference in your comfort when recovering from breast reconstruction.


We hope that you find this useful for your breast reconstruction recovery journey! For more useful post mastectomy items check out our catalog of post surgical products.

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