mastectomy pillows for breast cancer survivors by the shell pillow

Why you Need a Mastectomy Pillow After your Mastectomy

After having a mastectomy (single and double) or other breast surgeries your upper body will be in pain and require support when sitting, sleeping, and resting in various places. One concern that many women have is where to find a suitable pillow to prop themselves up and keep them comfortable during their recovery.

What is a Mastectomy Pillow?

A mastectomy pillow is a pillow specially designed for women that have undergone a mastectomy. These pillows aren’t just useful for mastectomies but any other breast surgery because of the similar effects on the upper body.

There are many different types of mastectomy pillows; we will list some of the best types to have below.

Top Mastectomy Pillows for your Recovery

Heart-Shaped Mastectomy Pillow

The heart-shaped mastectomy pillow is the most popular pillow and loved by many women for its perfect versatile shape. It can be used to prop up your arms during sitting, sleeping, and during car rides. It is small, appealing to the eye and can be used as a neck pillow as well. It is also among the cheaper pillows and many variations can be found. Check out the heart-pillow here.

The Shell Pillow

The Shell Pillow is a mastectomy pillow that is larger and perfect for sitting in office chairs, lawn chairs, and positioning while sleeping. It’s longer length allows it to position your arms higher when working at a desk or sitting at a table. There is no pillow similar which makes it a staple in the mastectomy pillow category. Check out The Shell Pillow here.

A Wrap Around Pillow

Wrap around mastectomy pillows frequently feature adjustable straps for secure wrapping around your body. They are great pillows for travel especially in vehicles because they provide both support and protection from potentially harsh impacts or pressure directly on your surgical sights. Having a wrap around pillow is recommended by women who have gone through a double mastectomy because it is the only pillow in the mastectomy category that can support both sides at once. This pillow is less suitable for positioning support than the other two on the list. It is best for comfort and keeping things from touching your sore areas.

How Many Mastectomy Pillows Should I Buy?

For a double mastectomy we recommend having two pillows for support on both sides. We recommend a heart-shaped pillow and The Shell Pillow because they can best support both sides of your body.

For a single mastectomy we recommend having at least one heart-shaped pillow because of its versatility during your recovery. 

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