top ten gifts for breast cancer patients

Top 10 Things to Buy for Someone with Breast Cancer

Breast cancer treatment is one of the hardest things a person can go through. Treatment is both mentally and physically taxing. So having support of family or loved ones is THE BEST thing you can give to someone with breast cancer. However, with that said there are many other things that women with breast cancer would love to have that will show your support and aid them during and after their recovery process.

We have made a list of the top 10 things to buy for someone going through breast cancer treatment. We have something for all types of treatment including mastectomy, radiation, chemo, FLAP, and breast reconstruction surgery.

1. A Mastectomy Pillow

For those who have undergone a mastectomy (single or double) they will need specially made mastectomy pillows after their surgery to help position themselves while sleeping, sitting, and resting. There are many different pillows to buy for someone with breast cancer but as a safe bet we recommend buying a heart-shaped pillow like this as a perfect versatile use. For more information on mastectomy pillows see our article titled "Why You Need a Mastectomy Pillow".

2. Essential Oils and/or Sanitizer Set

Unsure what exact treatment they are going through? Well all the back and forth between the hospital and appointments can stress anyone out lowering their mental health and immune system. Gifting an essential oils and sanitizer set can help women relax and stay safe from all the germs in the hospital.

3. Drain Management Robe

For those having had a mastectomy they will be recovering at home with surgical drains that need to be protected and positioned properly to avoid clots or other complications. During this time having a robe with a drain belt is the perfect recovery loungewear piece.

4. The Leslie Soft Leisure Bra by AnaOno

Whether they have had a mastectomy or radiation the Leslie Soft Leisure Bra is one of the softest bras on the market for breast cancer survivors to avoid irritation on sensitive incision or radiation burn areas. It is extremely stretchy and is capable of being stepped into making it ideal for those recovering.

5. Stylish Chemo Hats

If your cancer survivor is going through chemotherapy they will be dealing with hair loss and may be feeling a bit insecure about their looks. Gifting them a beautiful head-wrap can boost their self confidence and feel great again. Check out this collection of amazing chemo hats.

6. Compression Bra

After a mastectomy many women will opt for breast reconstruction surgery to balance out the symmetry in their breast size. After this surgery a compression bra is needed to heal and support their breasts. One of the most popular compression bras is the Sarah Front Fastening Soft Compression Bra.

7. Scar Healing Patches

After surgery many survivors have scars that last forever. If you know that they are very into appearance and may want to get rid of scars we recommend buying silicone scar healing patches for their recovery. This is the latest technology to minimize scarring.

8. Post Surgical Camisoles

After a mastectomy having pocketed clothing is something many women with breast forms need. These ultra soft camisoles support surgical drains and pockets for breast forms. Check them out here.

9. Face Masks

Going back and forth to the hospital and doctor appointments leaves many women exposed to many different germs possibly causing sickness. It is crucial to avoid any further sickness when fighting cancer so having a proper face mask is very useful.

10. Post Surgical Lingerie

After recovery from breast cancer many women deal with body insecurity. Gifting them specially designed lingerie will inspire confidence and self love for many women. We recommend checking out our sexy bra collection here.

We hope that this list helped you find the perfect gifts for your special breast cancer survivor!

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